Mayor Eugene Grant

Seat Pleasant, Maryland Grant.jpg

Mayor Eugene W. Grant has been leading the City of Seat Pleasant, MD, “A Smart City of Excellence” through successful innovative methods and providing executive municipal leadership since 2004.

In 2017, Mayor Grant signed an agreement with IBM to build a $30 million cloud-based, Intelligent Operations Center in the City of Seat Pleasant, a Smart City of Excellence. This multi-year endeavor will elevate Seat Pleasant to become the first authentic smart city in the world.

In addition to this significant accomplishment, Mayor Grant successfully petitioned the United States Department of Agriculture to designate Seat Pleasant as a “Rural Community,” potentially giving the city access to millions of dollars of federal grants and funding. Because of the Mayor’s continual efforts, he is currently using $4.1 million in Rural Development financing to remodel City Hall and the Maintenance Building into Smart Buildings. Read More