Mayor Kenneth Gulley

Bessemer, Alabama Mayor Kenneth Gulley.jpg
Kenneth E. Gulley is serving in his third term as Mayor of Bessemer.
Gulley was re-elected in August 2014 and August 2018. The three-term mayor has set about on an agenda to make the city of Bessemer a force in the state economically and a place its residents can be proud to call home.
In his three terms in office, Gulley’s administration has made several significant accomplishments. Among them:
  • Improved city finances by taking the city from millions in debt to a budget surplus.
  • Established a business-friendly administration, which has resulted in the recruitment of more business and industry to Bessemer. About 3,500 jobs have been created in the city during his administration.
  • Improved the staffing levels and technology at the Bessemer Police Department to combat crime, resulting in a dramatic drop in the city’s overall crime rate over the past six years.
  • Created a unified working relationship between the Mayor and the Council.
  • Created transparency in city government. Read More