Mayor Lovely Warren

Rochester, New York Lovely A. Warren.jpg

Lovely Ann Warren was sworn in as Mayor of Rochester, New York on January 1, 2014, making her the city’s first female and youngest mayor in modern times. In 2017, she was re-elected to a second, four-year term.

Mayor Warren’s administrative agenda is focused on job creation, fostering safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and improving educational opportunities for Rochester’s residents. To that agenda, she brings a demonstrated ability to forge partnerships among the public, private, non-profit, academic, citizen and neighborhood sectors.

Mayor Warren is committed to building a “stairway out of poverty” by achieving economic equality and closing the “middle skills gap” for city residents. She has addressed barriers to employment on a wide range of fronts, including transportation, vocational training and small-business investment. She has raised Rochester’s profile for job creators with a host of capital improvement projects, including construction of the Port of Rochester Marina, revitalization of Midtown Plaza and the conversion of the Inner Loop East Expressway to an at-grade boulevard. Read More