President's Welcome


Dear Mayors, Partners and Supporters,

It is my honor to serve as President of the African American Mayors Association (AAMA). The work of AAMA is especially essential as our communities work to recover from COVID-19. As this virus has exposed injustices and shown us that the health of Black communities is directly linked to our economic security, it is more important than ever that we continue to intentionally and unapologetically focus on the sustainability of Black communities to create a more just and equitable future for generations to come. 

In addition to focusing on the health of our communities, this year AAMA will continue to call upon federal officials to increase funding for HBCUs, as they have the power to nurture the minds of our youth, developing them into esteemed professionals and community leaders. AAMA will also advocate on behalf of African Americans to ensure funding and resources are properly and proportionately allocated to our communities. Lastly, AAMA will work to create more collaboration between the public and private sector, in order to create more equitable solutions for our cities’ most pressing issues. 

As you learn more about our mayors, I encourage you to seek ways to get involved in AAMA by contacting the national office at By working and leading together, we can contribute to a more just society. Thank you for visiting our website and I hope to work with you this year.

Best regards,

Mayor McKinley Price, DDS 

President, African American Mayors Association