AAMA Calls On Washington to Use Every Tool Possible To Help Haiti

Published on August 19, 2021

(Washington, D.C.) — This past weekend, a deadly earthquake struck Haiti, sending the country into crisis. Days later, a tropical storm slammed the island, causing even more damage and paralyzing recovery efforts. 
Mayor Sylvester Turner (Houston, TX), president of the African American Mayors Association, issued the following statement in response.
“The natural disasters that have slammed Haiti are absolutely devastating and heartbreaking. With crumbling homes, little access to food, and an overwhelmed medical system, thousands of Haitians are struggling for survival. Our hearts go out to each and every person in crisis. As mayors of several cities with strong Haitian populations, we also extend our deepest sympathies to the many constituents with family and friends in Haiti.”
“In the coming days and weeks, the United States must use every tool at its disposal to help the Haitian people recover from these tragedies. But our efforts must also go far beyond these specific disasters. It’s abundantly clear that climate change is strengthening and worsening storms across the world, and Haiti’s recent tropical storm is no exception. And while developed countries like the United States produce the greatest emissions, smaller, poorer countries like Haiti bear the brunt of the horrid consequences of climate change. To ward off future disasters, we must take major action to address climate change. We don’t have a moment to waste.”


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