Black Mayors Respond to President Trump's State of the Union

Published on February 06, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC –  The African American Mayors Association (AAMA) President Hardie Davis, Mayor of Augusta, GA, releases the following statement in response to President Trump's third State of the Union address: 


“President Trump claims that the economy is “booming” but mayors see a different story on the ground. As mayors of cities big and small, rural and urban, we are dedicated to mitigating the impacts of income inequality in our cities. We have a responsibility to guarantee affordable housing, address homelessness and climate change, and ensure college is affordable. These are the priorities the President should focus on too. Instead, he bragged about deep cuts to SNAP, a critical safety net for vulnerable communities, has proposed cuts to Pell grants for college, and did not mention climate change once in his address to the nation, despite evidence that it will challenge cities in the future. The President’s rhetoric and storytelling at the State of the Union does not match the reality of his record.   


I am equally disheartened by the President's ugly and racist stereotypes of immigrant communities, and his attacks on mayors leading sanctuary cities, in an attempt to demonize large swaths of our country.  

Three years after his election, Black mayors are ready to see substantial investments in community development and training the workforce of the future in order to refuel and revitalize our local economies. The work is not done and our mayors are ready to join elected officials across the political spectrum to better serve our constituents who are looking for long-lasting change and growth."


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