Flint Mayor Dr. Karen W. Weaver Writes Open Letter to Residents

Published on May 07, 2019

HOUSTON, TX — Flint, MI Mayor and 2nd Vice Chair of the African American Mayors Association (AAMA), Dr. Karen Weaver, issued a letter to the residents of Flint acknowledging the city’s tremendous progress to correct the devastation that resulted from the city’s water crisis five years ago, and urging further advocacy for measures to address remaining challenges.

Five years after the crisis, the city is still working to address substandard in-home plumbing and fixture needs and pervasive trauma-related mental health challenges. In her role as the 2nd chair of AAMA, Mayor Weaver is working with African American mayors to pursue meaningful water and infrastructure improvements to secure the safety of citizens and sustainability of cities across the nation.

Mayor Weaver states in the letter, “We would not wish what happened to us on anyone, we took what happened to us and turned it into an opportunity to make sure that this would not happen on this level ever again anywhere in the country, and where there are other water and infrastructure related injustices, we take them with us as we speak out. While we may not be completely through this crisis just yet, we are recovering and we are recovering in a way that only Flintstones can.

“Our voices caused national attention that brought resources here to replace the lead and galvanized service lines; with 21, 298 lines excavated, we are ahead of schedule and due to complete the replacement process by the fall. Our voices caused us to have economic opportunities leading to 2,000 jobs in our city. Our voices caused the philanthropic community to come to our aid, as a result, our children now have access to technology that they may not have gotten any other way. Our voices got the attention of the federal government, as a result, we have housing being built on both the north and the south end. We will continue to use those same voices to address our in home plumbing and fixtures needs, to continue addressing the mental health needs of ALL residents who were affected by this trauma. We will use our voices to continue on the path to being made whole.”

The full text of Mayor Weaver’s letter is available here.

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