Washington’s Failure to Pass Critical Voting Rights Legislation

Published on January 21, 2022

(Washington, D.C.) — This week, the Senate blocked the passage of the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Act – critical legislation that would have safeguarded the right to vote, banned partisan gerrymandering, and made campaign financing more transparent. 

Mayor Sylvester Turner (Houston, TX), president of the African American Mayors Association, issued the following statement in response. 

“This week, Washington dealt a major blow to our democracy. Rather than combating the scourge of voter suppression laws sweeping the nation – including in my state of Texas – Congress opted to stand down and do nothing. There’s no question that communities of color will be disproportionately harmed by this reckless inaction. 

“The right to vote is not a partisan issue. And yet, it has become weaponized for political gain. That’s perilous for the future of our democracy. 

“We will not allow partisan politics to jeopardize our fundamental rights. My fellow mayors and I will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that our constituents can exercise their right to vote. And we will keep pushing Congress to adopt legislation that makes our elections accessible for all Americans, regardless of political party. 




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