COVID-19 Resources


  • FDA: Multilingual COVID-19 Resources (Click Here)

  • EPA: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for State, Local and Tribal Agencies and Associations (Click Here)

  • COVID-19: Local Government Response and Resource Bank (Click Here)

  • 510k imports: PPE (Click Here(PDF, 7MB))

  •  OilSource COVID-19 Prevention Materials: PPE (Click Here(PDF, 1MB))

  • The Aspen Institute: Managing, Collecting, and Forgiving Consumer Debt: Lessons for Policymakers and Business Leaders (Click Here)

  • The Global Resilient Cities Network (Click Here)

  • CDC: Public Health Considerations for Reopening Mass Transit During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Click Here)

  • The White House: Opening Up America Again (Click Here

  • Johns Hopkins Phased Reopening Guidance (Click Here)

  • Governing: Strategic Fiscal Management for a Crisis — and Beyond (Click Here)

  • Brookings: When Will Your City Feel the Fiscal Impact of COVID-19? (Click Here)

  • A Frontline Guide for Local Decision-Makers (Click Here)

  • iConstituent Launches GovText Engagement Platform and Offers Free Texting Services for COVID-19 Outreach (Click Here)

  • Harvard Kennedy School: COVID-19 Public Sector Resources (Click Here)  

  • ICMA: Coronavirus Crisis Response: Resources for Your Community (Click Here)

  • ERSI: Dashboard for Impact Planning COVID-19 by County (Click Here)

  • What Steps Have States Taken to Address Coronavirus? (Click Here)

  • COVID-19: Local Action Tracker. (Click Here)

  • Tracking the Impact of Coronavirus on US Cities. (Click Here)

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Local Governments. (Click Here)

  • How Do You Know if Your Local Government Has the Legal Authority to Adopt a Policy in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic? (Click Here)

  • UrbanLeague Provides Free COVID-19 Portals for CIOs, City Managers. (Click Here)

  • 2020 State and Local Government Responses to COVID-19. (Click Here)

  • A Resource Guide to Coronavirus for Government Leaders. (Click Here)

  • Smart Cities Council Releases COVID-19 Mitigation Tool (Click Here)


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Click Here)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (Click Here)
  • COVID-19: Daily Announcements From Federal Agencies (Click Here)



  •  AAMA Member Mayors COVID-19 Efforts (Click Here(PDF, 180KB))

  •  Black Mayors Request Immediate Passage of $2 Trillion Economic Stimulus; Request for Direct Emergency Assistance to Cities of All Sizes and Protections for African Americans (Click Here)

  • Black Mayors Request Immediate Reinstatement of Affirmative Action Policies in Response to COVID-19 Relief Efforts in EO 11246, Section 503 (Click Here)

  • Black Mayors Ask CDC to Disaggregate COVID-19 Testing, Cases, and Health Outcome Data According to Race, Ethnicity, and Gender (Click Here)

  • AAMA Letter Request for Race, Ethnicity and Supply Chain COVID19 Data (Click Here)

  • Essence: Black Mayors Warn COVID-19 Could Hit Our Communities Especially Hard (Click Here)

  • Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Issues Administrative Order to Fund Coronavirus Pandemic Coordination Team (Click Here)

  • Mayor Bowser: National Capital Area COVID-19 Response (Click Here(PDF, 205KB))

  • Mayor Larry Wallace, Jr.: Manor’s Emergency Management Plan (Click Here)

  • Mayor Randall Woodfin’s $15 million COVID-19 Response Plan Approved by the Birmingham City Council (Click Here)

  • Mayor Victoria Woodards: Tacoma Offers Businesses and Families Relief During COVID-19 Outbreak (Click Here)

  • Mayor Sylvester Turner: COVID-19 Testing Capacity Doubles  (Click Here)

  • Mayor Sharon Weston Broome Announces Community Testing Center for COVID-19 (Click Here)

  • Mayor Byron Brown: Letter Addressing Federal COVID 19 Relief Funds for Cities (Click Here(PDF, 1MB))




  •  Stanford Law School's COVID-19 Memo Database. (Click Here)
  • APM Research Lab: The Color of Coronavirus (Click Here)
  • U.S. Digital Response for COVID-19. (Click Here)
  •  American Enterprise Institute: National Coronavirus Response A Road Map to Reopening. (Click Here(PDF, 6MB))
  • Johns Hopkins: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) (Click Here)
  • Tableau: COVID Funding Visualization (Click Here)
  • Tableau: Coronavirus Daily Global Tracker (Click Here)